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The Reykjanes Peninsula is an exciting area worth exploring and if you only have a short stopover in Iceland it’s the perfect place to get to know this volcanic island. Staying at the Base Hotel gives you a chance to travel around the geologically young area and experience magnificent Icelandic nature first hand.

We recommend the following tours with direct pick up from Base Hotel:


Reykjanes Circle

Join us on an excursion through the inspiring Reykjanes, one of Iceland’s true natural treasures.

Tour operator: Reykjanes Tours

from 21,990/person


Northern Lights Tour

Join us as we go into the dark to experience the magic of nature, the Aurora Borealis!

Tour operator: Whale Watching Reykjanes

from 10,900/person


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is an essential part of the Icelandic tourist experience and one of the most popular ones.

Tour operator: Travice - Reykjanes

from 10,500/person


Panorama ATV Tour

Ride on ATV along lava and black sand up between two mountains for a view of a lifetime.

Tour operator: 4x4 - Adventures Iceland

from 10,900/person

Important information:

If you do not have a car rental to reach the beginning of the activity or tour that you are interested in then it is important to know that the majority of all tour operators in Iceland only offer pick up / drop off at BSI station in Reykjavík. However, the tours listed above have pick up / drop off at Base Hotel.


Recommended tour operators with pick up / drop off at Base Hotel:



Note: to book these tours and all other tours, view our booking channel: basehotel.tourdesk.is 


Pick up / drop off information:

When booking a tour via basehotel.tourdesk.is for the above tour operators make sure to check the box

''I would like to picked up.'' Pick up price ranges from free to 2,000 kr. If there is no check box for pick up, then you will receive an email address on your voucher asking you to contact the tour operator with the pick up and drop off location where you can specify ''Base Hotel.''


Private tours:

Additionally, the great majority of tour operators offer pick up / drop off at Base Hotel for private tours. Private tours are ideal for groups and cost a minimum price based on 3-4 people booking the tour and then a flat fee for every guest thereafter.

Example: if the price per person for a private tour is 25,000 kr. and the minimum occupancy is 4 persons then if only 2 people book this private tour, then the price will be 100,000 kr. total or 50,000 kr. per person.


We recommend the following private tour operators:



Please contact the reception for reserving a private tour: basehotel@basehotel.is

Transport to Reykjavik:

The best way to get to Reykjavík from Base Hotel is via Bus 55. We strongly recommend using the public transportation website: www.straeto.is for detailed information about the transfer.

Enter Valhallarbraut 756 into ''From'' which is the address of Base Hotel and BSI for ''To'' or your desired destination. Next, select the desired departure time and date and hit enter. Step by step instructions will be given to you on completion like the follows:

Bus transport.PNG

The price for the bus is 1,800 kr. and they accept cash or credit card. You can pay directly on the bus.

The entire trip from Base Hotel to BSI station takes approximately 60 minutes.

The bus leaves every hour from Bogabraut bus stop. Note that booking the bus after 18:50 might require you to switch buses to get to your final destination.

FAQ about Tours & Transport:

I paid for pick up for my tour on basehotel.tourdesk.is, how do I tell my tour operator the pick up location?

If you booked a tour with Reykjanes Tours, Whale Watching Reykjanes or Travice - Reykjanes, then you will receive an email with the voucher for the tour. On this voucher is an email address where you need to send the tour operator the following information: - Pick up location (Base Hotel in Keflavík) - Name on reservation - Tour confirmation ID - Number of passengers being picked up Please be ready to present the voucher to the driver.

Which tours offer pick up at Base Hotel?

Tours from Reykjanes Tours, Whale Watching Reykjanes and Travice - Reykjanes offer direct pick up at Base Hotel. You can view their tours by clicking the link above on the page. Additionally, if you want a private tour then you can arrange direct pick up / drop off at Base Hotel. Please contact the Base Hotel reception for information about private tours.

What do I do if I want to book a tour that does not offer pick up at Base Hotel?

If you booked a tour that does not offer pick up at Base Hotel, then you can take Bus 55 to get to BSI station where the majority of all tour operators provide pick up. Please go above to Transport to Reykjavik section where you can get information on how to get to Reykjavik.

What is the easiest way to get to Reykjavik from Base Hotel?

The easiest way to get to Reykjavik from Base Hotel is by taking Bus 55 to BSI station. Please go above on the page for more information about Transport to Reykjavik.

How do I get from Base Hotel to Keflavik Airport?

We offer a shuttle service from Base Hotel to Keflavik Airport. Please see the reception to book your airport shuttle.

How do I get from Keflavik Airport to Base Hotel?

There are two options. The first option is to take taxi which will cost you between 3,500-4,000 kr. The second option is to take Bus 55 from Keflavik Airport to Base Hotel and walk less than 10 minutes to get the Hotel. This costs less than 600 kr. Please see the Transport to Reykjavik section above to see how to use the public transportation website.


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